Mission Statement

Core Values

1. Education & training:

we will ensuring that the management team is kept up to best practices affecting SACCOs and that they are continuously trained in specialized areas.

2. Integrity

We value honesty and we will ensure that our operational activities are transparent both to our members and our partners.

3. Unity among countries

We will strive to ensure that the member countries are equally valued and equally served as per the co-operative principles.

4. Innovation

We will continuously strive to improve on our operational practices; our product development will be contextualized to fit the needs of our members.

5. Contribution to continental development

We will empower SACCOs so as to improve livelihoods of our members.

6. Increase membership across all regions in Africa

We aim to increase our member across all regions in Africa recruiting non-members to ACCOSCA by supporting them in line with the mission statement.